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Unify Dashboard Documentation

  • Created: Mon, 01 Apr 2019
  • latest Update: Thu, 10 Dec 2020
  • By: sabri ben salem


Deliverable are:

Unify-dashboard-theme.war: The theme installation package. 

Unify-dashboard-theme.zip: The theme source code.

You can download the packages  from our software catalog

User documentation

This section will allow you to start using the theme directly in your new website or an existing one.


To install the theme in your Liferay instance, you can either:

  • Copy the theme war to <liferay installation>/deploy folder which will trigger the theme hot deployment.
  • Or you can use your liferay portal, just follow those steps:

Go Control panel -> Apps -> App Manager -> upload -> Select the unify theme war and by clicking install, it will be uploaded to the server and installed

After seeing the success deploying message "1 theme for unify-dashboard-theme is available for use", you can find the theme under site template.


Please make sure that your portal language is en-US , at least it should be when you are deploying the theme.

 Go to sites -> site templates -> Unify Dashboard Theme -> manage then click on the configure icon next to pages, if for some reason you don't see the unify-dashboard-theme as a current theme, please change it by clicking on 'Change Current Theme' button

Apply the theme

After installing the theme, you are probably wondering how to use and apply it to your actual site.

Here are the steps:

  1.  Go Control Panel -> sites and choose the desired site -> Go to Site Settings -> pages -> click on the configure icon next to pages and select the unify dashboard theme.
  2. You can import the unify theme resources to your site and easily use it

Theme Settings

There are 5 settings you can change 

  1. pages_icon : you can use the default icons for the menu or uplaod its icon
  2. show_search_box: display or not the search box
  3. show_message_box: display or not the message box in the top menu
  4. message_content : set the content of the message box
  5. show_notification_box: display or not the notification box in the top menu
  6. notification_content : set the content of the notification box
  7. show_topactivities: dispplay or not the activities in the top header
  8. topactivities_content : set the content of the activities box
  9. footer_content : set the content of the footer
  10. use_unify_logo: use or not the unify logo


Shortcodes: http://lr7.themeray.com/web/unify-shortcodes/accordions

Use Upload Icon in sidebar menu

To modify the icons of the sidebar menu, you must change pages_icon setting from "default" to "Upload Icon" :

Go to "Site Builder > Pages" and click on setting icon

Change the page_icon setting

And save the setting changes.

After that you can upload the icon for each menu in the Theme : 

Go to "Site Builder > Pages" then click on setting icon for each menu and the configure submenu

Click on the advanced tab menu and change the icon to the image you uploaded

And finally save the changes.


License issue

If you are seeing the issue bellow, please extract the license.xml file out of the lpkg and deploy that first will work around the issue, to do so yu can open the lpkg with winrar.

"Unable to resolve unify-dashboard-theme java.lang.Exception: This
application does not have a valid license."

This issue will be fixed in a later liferay release.