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How to Make a Questionnaire

  • 1Know your question types.
    A simple "yes" or "no" doesn't cut it. To get feedback that actually matters, you need to give customers options to go more in-depth than that. Certain questions are more effective in some forms -- there's no need for an open-response answer style for a question on how likely your customers are to recommend your brand to others. Below, we have made a brief list of some of the main question types.
  • 2Keep it brief, when possible.
    The shorter your questionnaire is, the more likely a customer is to complete it. Your customers are busy, and you should show that you value their time. In addition, a shorter questionnaire means less data for your team to collect and analyze.
  • 3Choose a simple visual design.
  • 4Use a clear research process.
    A questionnaire is only effective if its questions bring in results that help you answer an overarching research question. After all, the research process is an important part of the survey, and a questionnaire is a tool that benefits the process.
  • 5Create questions with straightforward, unbiased language.
    When you're crafting your questions, it's important that you get your point across well. You don't want there to be any confusion for your customers because this may wrongly influence their answers. Thus, use clear language. Don't use unneeded jargon, and use simple terms in favor of longer-winded ones.

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