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  • Created: Tue, 12 Jan 2021
  • latest Update: Thu, 05 Aug 2021
  • By: sabri ben salem


Deliverable are:

inspinia-theme.war: The theme installation package. 

inspinia-theme.zip: The theme source code.

You can download the packages from our software catalog. 

User documentation

This section will allow you to start using the theme directly in your new website or an existing (For an existing one, please read carefully section Use the Webcontent templates)


To install the theme in your Liferay instance, you can either:

  • Copy the theme war to <liferay installation>/deploy folder which will trigger the theme hot deployment.
  • Or you can use your Liferay portal, just follow those steps:

Click on the admin menu

Go Admin -> Control panel -> System -> App Manager

Install -> Select the inspinia theme war and by clicking install, it will be uploaded to the server and installed

After seeing the success deploying message "1 theme for inspinia-theme is available for use", "STARTED inspinia-theme_1.0.0", you can find the theme under the site template.


If you have any installation problem, Please feel free to contact us.

Apply the theme

After installing the theme, you are probably wondering how to use and apply it to your actual site.

Here are the steps:

  1.  On the Left admin menu click on the icon "Go to other site or library".

  3. Select your Site from the list of "My Sites"

  4. After that, Go to the Left admin menu and click on Site Builder -> pages and click on setting icon.


Under look and Feel tab, click on the button "Change Current Theme"


  1.  In the available theme section select Inspinia 

Change the Theme Settings

Basically there are 20 settings you can change 
  • Color Schemes
  • 1 setting for the content of the left profile header
  • 1 setting for the content of the top header
  • Display or not, the right side bar
  • 1 setting for the right side bar content
  • 1 setting for the footer content
  • 1 setting to choose using fixed right side bar or not
  • 1 setting to choose using white top header or not
  • 1 setting to choose using closed left menu
  • 1 setting to choose using full height
  • 1 setting to choose using locked page
  • 1 setting to choose a page for the login
  • Display or not language bar
  • 1 setting to choose using the collapse menu
  • 1 setting to choose using fixed left sidebar
  • 1 setting to choose using fixed top navigation bar
  • 1 setting to choose using boxed layout
  • 1 setting to choose using fixed footer

To modify any of those settings all you have to do is to go back to the site -> look and feel and you save any modification you make

  1. Color Schemes: there are 4 different colors you can choose the one you like and save it.

  2. Other settings: 


To change those settings all what you have to do is to go Left admin menu and click on Site Builder -> pages and click on the setting icon and look and feel:

Use the Webcontent templates

Important notice: When you create Site based on the theme as explained before, all the templates will be ready for use. However, when you apply the theme to an existing website, the templates will not be available. For this, you can follow those steps:
  1. Go to control panel -> Site Templates select the Inspinia Theme
  2. Click on the menu Content  & Data -> Web Content then export all the web content.

After finishing the webcontent exportation, go back to your site -> Content & Data -> Web Content -> then click the setting button -> click export/import


Select the exported webcontent you just downloaded from inspinia theme -> continue -> continue -> import.

And that's it, you can now use the inspinia web content. On the page you need to display the web content.

Create Site from Site Template

When creating a site using the instructions below:
1. Go to Control Panel > Sites >
2. Click add new site button and select Inspinia Theme 
3. Add the name for your new Site
All pages and web content will be imported into your new site. 

Technical documentation

This documentation will help you to further customize the theme (CSS, JS, Images etc...) or to get information necessary to simplify using it directly in your JSP (Html code) or Taglibs. 


please visit the shortcodes pages for a detailed overview of the the CSS styles and javascript codes.


Pages icon

Upload Icon

To change the pages icon all what you have to do is set the theme setting " pages-icon" to Upload Icon, then upload the desired icon. 

1: choose the page to set the new icon

Click on the configure page icon


2: change the icon

In the advanced tab click the button change and upload the icon



Custom Field

You can also set "pages-icon" to "Custom Field", then you create a Custom Field called "icon" for your site and you can use any code for your menu .e.g you can use Font Awesome

- Go to the menu control Panel -> CONFIGURATION -> Custom Fields

- Add a new custom field named "icon" and type "input Field"

- You need to change the permission of the newly created custom field : 

After saving the new custom field, click on the action menu/permission

Allow the permission "view" to the role "Guest"  and click on the Save button.

- Now add your font awesome code source in the setting of your page