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Structures problem

Structures problem
8/21/14 10:15 PM
Features structure and multi-image-slider structure are not working properly in other language than english.
More specific when I add an icone in features structure in english language and I publish it then it works correctly. But, when I save it in another language and then publish it, it disappears from both languages.
The same happens for the multi-image-slider structure. Do you have any idea what is wrong?

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RE: Structures problem
8/25/14 12:07 AM as a reply to Konstandinos Kagelidis.
Hi Konstandinos

We are currently analyzing the translation problem with the web contents
so it will help if you send us :

-any log traces you get while doing the described steps.
-your portal version.
-your jre/os version.

and we will try to fix the problem asap and notify you.

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