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About an error of inspinia theme on Liferay CE 7.2 GA2

You have exceeded the developer license connection limit for inspinia-theme.

I install an inspinia theme in my liferay CE 7.2 GA2 server. It is a standalone and fixed I.P. server. I always get this error message about "the connection limit for inspinia-theme". I have 2 problems about the theme.

1. I using manual install of the inspinia-theme, it is not able to move my inspinia-theme license to another server by revoking my current license to another
2. It always to show the exceed of license connection limit for inspina-theme  

Moreover, I don't know why my license is developer license. what is the different between developer and production license?

My order id is 0f1f86cd-8747-4678-8e34-a8e09c2d3220

Thank you for your update
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RE: About an error of inspinia theme on Liferay CE 7.2 GA2
9/21/20 12:13 AM as a reply to Matthew.

We give you access in Themeray account to the inspinia Theme.
You can download it and use it for you production environment.

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