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Inspinia Theme for Liferay 6.2 on Liferay 7.1?

Hello guys!

It sounds like a dumb question but please bear with me. We already have the theme for Liferay 6.2 customized and delivered to the client. They now want to upgrade to Liferay 7.1 and we would like to know if is possible to avoid customizing again the theme version for Liferay 7.1 and just use the one already provided. Is there a basic incompatibility between these themes for Liferay 6.2 and 7.1 or are there just some feature that won't be available?
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RE: Inspinia Theme for Liferay 6.2 on Liferay 7.1?
7/22/19, 12:22 AM as a reply to Alexandru Pirvu.

The theme need to be upgraded to liferay 7 and it cannot be used as it is.
The css, js, webcontents and many other things changed in Liferay 7
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