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liferay version and system requirements for dev environment

I am quickly trying to build a proof of concept envionrment with the use of liferay 7 (CE) and the Inspinia theme.  I'm new to liferay and the Inspinia theme.  However, compared to working with other content management systems and theme maintenance, the performance, response and interaction with the liferay 7 UI and with the Inspinia theme has been problematic and slow.  Can any recommend minimum system requirements and a version of liferay that is tried-and-true with the Inspinia theme?  Any insight is welcome.

Or would you recommend using Liferay 6.2 (CE) and Inspinia to have better stability?

Any insight is welcome.

I've decided for my PoC, Liferay 6.2 has been more stable, so I will proceed with 6.2 for now.
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