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ACE license problem

ACE license problem
1/28/16, 2:40 AM

I tried ACE with a trial license from december an, which expired some days ago. 
Today I purchased a full license.
As I can not select the theme within a sites theme settings, I looked around: 

- It does show up in my profile & under "manage licenses" I can see the correct Server. 
  I also have de-authorized the old trial license here.

- On the server itself I can also see the license in the license manager.

But if I want to install it (perhaps expiration of the license has lead to the trial de-installation automatically), in the "purchased" section of my site, I can only see the trial license (expired).  What do I need to do.
I logged out and back into the store to make sure I am logged in with the correct credentials.
Why doesn't the license that is present in license management show up here in "install"?

What to do?

Thanks for your help!
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RE: ACE license problem
3/31/16, 5:56 AM as a reply to Jan Lausch.
Dear all,

sorry, but I need to come back to this - I still don't get the theme installed on my instance. 
Can anyone give me a hint here?

In my overview of "purchased" licenses, I have two different users:
One user holds the trial license I had used initially. This license, I can "register". But that's no good as it has expired.

The other user holds the purchased "real" license - but it can not be registered: the radio button is greyed out.

What am I doing wrong? How can I use the purchased license?

Thanks and best regards,

Things get even stranger now: 
I have installed it with the Trial-license (as the trial user) - and pooof: it works. Do I have the trial license running again now even though it's expired? Or the real one?
"License Manager" indicates the real one, but why couldn't Install that then?
Strange, but at least it's up and running again...
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RE: ACE license problem
3/31/16, 6:03 AM as a reply to Jan Lausch.
Hi Jan,
Please login to you themeray account again. You will find the ace packages in your dashboard. Please use them in a different liferay instance than the one you used the packages from the marketplace.
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