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  1. Create MVC portlet: Go to Liferay workspace project → modules → new. Select other → Liferay → Liferay Module Project and click on "Next". Enter the project name. Select "Project Template Name" as "mvc-portlet" and click on "Next". Enter a Package name and click on "Finish". The necessary file structure for the MVC module will get created as below.   Replace the property with this ...
22 Jan 2021
      To apply configurations into portlets in Liferay, we can implement the portlet preference. In this example, we have integrated a color configuration into a portlet in Liferay 7.2.   Prerequisites Java Liferay portal 7/7.x   Environment Requirement JDK Eclipse MySQL 1. Create a module project: Structure of the project:  Create a new Liferay 7.2 Module with the nam ...
04 Nov 2020

Liferay 7.2 Portlet Preferences

Posted By sabri ben salem