Twitter Feed portlet (Updated)

Introduction :

The twitter feed portlet is our new portlet we created for our customers and users to allow them embed Twitter timelines with the new twitter api 1.1 with better appealing and fitting into our themes look. .

The portlet is available for free download here or on your client dashboard.

Installation : 

After downloading the portlet war you have to install it using the private plugin installer or via hot deploy.

Setup : 

After installing the portlet you have to set it up by :

- Request for a twitter api key since the 1.1 version will require oAuth authenitication from here.

-Open the twitter portlet configuration view and paste you credentials (Your secret credentials will be encrypted by our portlet before saving it).

Number tweets per page : allows you to set the number of tweets to be displayed on each slide


and thats all, you are ready now to recieve your tweets feed.