Some comments regarding our support policy

Some comments regarding our support policy

To avoid any ambiguity, below our answers to typical customers question regarding our support:  

We want to purchase one of your themes - and adapt it to our needs. 

  1. Can you assure the theme works on all browsers (explorer - safari - chrome - firefox for WIN/MacOS/iOS/Android)?
    Sure, we test our themes in all standard browsers, in mobile and desktops devices before releasing them. Any additional issues faced by the customer will be fixed by our support short delays. 
  2. Documentation: clicking on the link support > documentation for bizray returns "page not found" 
    Yes it is reserved only to customers who buy the corresponding theme
  3. Is documentation, source code available ? 
    Yes for all supported Liferay versions
  4. When bugs arise, can we contact you and see how we can them get fixed?
    Yes, sure. For now you can use our community forum or contact us directly. However, we are planning to make our themes bug tracking system available for public soon. 
  5. If we need adaptions, can we hire you to adapt the theme? 
    Yes, sure.