New Twitter feeds portlet

Hi I’m Akram Moncer from Themeray team and I will try to explain how to integrate the new twitter-feeds-portlet in Liferay.

As you might know, twitter API 1.0 was abandoned for the 1.1 version which is quiet different and needs an additional authentication. The old twitter widgets are therefore not anymore working. We therefore updated our twitter feeds webcontent template and changed it to a portlet. It will be available in our themes (with their appropriate design) within a planned new release update next week. For the time being and as a quick workaround, the portlet can be download from this link (you need to login). Following how to use the portlet:  

First you need to generate the twitter widget script form after signing-in. Please click and in the button “Create new” as showed in the image below

And follow the instructions to generate the widget

You can change some properties like theme, height, link color (We will provide for every theme the appropriate design with the new release update)… and when you are done please click the “Create widget” button.

After creating the widget, please copy the generated script code and pasted in the configuration field of our twitter-feeds-portlet. After refreshing the page you will see the twitter feeds again in your Liferay Website.