Liferay site template will not get imported when having different Locale than the portal instance

All the website templates in our themes are defined using the default Liferay locale. Thus

<root available-locales="en_US" default-locale="en_US">

in all the files under  /WEB-INF/classes/resources-importer/journal

This will prevent the site template from being imported when deploying the theme if your Liferay locale is different than the default one (en_US). There are some Liferay issues regarding this problem:

Even if some see it as a feature ( and not a bug :-) 

  • The first workaround  would be to replace all occurrences of en_US with your Liferay local or at least one of the defined values of the property “locales” in
  • The second one is revert your portal to en_US temporarily and the templates will get imported correctly.

 (Many Thanks to Atanas and Jeremy for their help)