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EU Cookie Agreement Documentation

  • Created: Fri, 05 Feb 2021
  • latest Update: Fri, 05 Feb 2021
  • By: sabri ben salem


Deliverable are:

com.themeray.privacy-1.0.0.jar: Jar installation package. 

ThemerayPrivacy.zip: The source file. 

You can download the packages  from our software catalog

User documentation

This section will allow you to start using the portlet directly on your website.


To install the module in your Liferay instance, you can either:

  • Copy the module jar to <liferay installation>/deploy folder which will trigger the module hot deployment.
  • Or you can use your Liferay portal, just follow those steps:

Go Control panel -> Apps -> App Manager -> upload -> Select the Eu Cookie module jar and by clicking install, it will be uploaded to the server and installed

After seeing the success deploying message "1 portlet for ThemerayPrivacy is available for use", you can start using it


1. Update the portal-ext.properties file:

- Add this property



- Restart your portal server.

2. Configure the module:


when you access your site you can see a new menu in the right sidebar menu "Disclaimer Configuration". 

The submenu "EU Privacy Disclaimer Configuration" contains a configuration for the module:
1. create a web content with extended information about cookies
2. create a web content with the message that will appear on the banner
3. click the link Privacy Policy Admin, which will appear in the Control Panel under the Content section, and tick the flag to enable the administration of privacy.
4. enter the ID of the web content with extended privacy information in the first field and the ID of the web content with the message on the banner in the second field
5. enter a number in the third field that defines how many days the cookie "hiding banner" will be valid
6. save