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Language switcher doesn't work

Language switcher doesn't work
7/30/15 12:26 AM

I have a problem with the Bizray theme. I have a site with translations (english and spanish) and, when the portal is with a user loged-in it works perfect, but if the user is guest, the flags actions are not working.

I investigated it, and I see that if I put the
URL directly in the browser with "en" or "es" before "web" it works, but the redirect with the flags is not working.

Not work (link that the flags have):


My versions:
Liferay PCE 6.2.0-14.02.14 PCE GA1

Bizray Theme Versión:

What can be the reason?
How can I change the URL in the flags to fix it?

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RE: Language switcher doesn't work
8/28/15 5:18 AM as a reply to Alberto Garcia.
Hello Alberto, 

try remove the old site then create another one and the links should work fine, however if this problem happen again, we cann assist you through teamviwer session, here is my email "".
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