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Bizray theme displays images to non-guests

Bizray theme displays images to non-guests
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2/18/15 3:44 PM
I have sorted out most of the reverse proxy issues (99%) to get both liferay (portal.ctx=portal) and bizray protected behind a firewall and reverse proxy where SSL is terminated. Apache has an OpenAM (formerly OpenSSO) webagent protecting both liferay and other resources within the site. I am using liferray+OpenSSO integration for SSO site wide. No small thing in the end.  One of my last issues which I was hoping there was a simple answer for is noted below. It is very easy for (server, varnish, apache, browser) caching to disguise this issues and make things look 

As I use SSL terminated at the reverse proxy, I have liferay aware of the proxy using https (web.server.protocol=https) even though the reverse proxy communicates with liferay over http.  This doubly compounds the proble as some components play nice and reply to requests without protocol advice and others do not.  These tend to be javascript issues.  So to solve this I am connected directly to the application server using https (no proxy) as there is some java script that does not function with the reverse proxy (not sure why yet).

The problem is when connected as guest no image documents display. They are all visible when authenticated as a user. If you you copy the url of the image, logout of liferay and then paste the image URL into the browser, the lifer will redirect for authentication first.  Using Firefox Live HTTP Headers to examine the request reponse trail, there are no 404's so the reply is going out with requiring the browser to rewuest images. All you get where an image should be, is HTML link to the URL where the image will redirect if clicked.  I have examined the document permissions and each has view for guest.  It still has to be a permission problem but how to solve this I dont know.  Any ideas?  Has anyone seen this problem before.

You can have a look at it online where the protype is launched at  - You will see the site as a guest because as an authnticated user the images load.
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RE: Bizray theme displays images to non-guests
2/18/15 8:36 PM as a reply to Graham Horne.
Hi Graham, 
as there is some java script that does not function with the reverse proxy (not sure why yet)

I don't think so. Why you are telling that? Is your reverse proxy filetring javascript?

I guess I know why are the images not appearing for guests. Did you had a migration from Liferay 6.1 to 6.2?
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